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Your Guide to Gassy Pets Part 2

Although gas is quite normal for pets, there are a few things that all pet owners need to know about flatulence. 

Have you had a chance to read our latest blog post yet? If so, then you already know that when your pet suddenly gets gassy, you should be on the lookout for other symptoms that could indicate a health problem. We also talked about how some common ingredients in food can lead to a gassy pet. Today, our veterinary clinic in North Bellmore will be finishing up our list with the last few things you need to know about flatulence in pets:

#3. Eating too quickly is a common cause for gas. 

Does your pet wolf down their food the second you put it in front of them? Eating too quickly can cause your dog or cat to swallow too much air, which can lead to a gassy pet. Fast eating may also cause belching and bloating. In addition to being gassy, eating too quickly may also increase your pet’s risk for a variety of health issues. Check out our previous post for tips to encourage your dog to eat slower.

#4. What else could make your pet gassy?

Basically, anything your pet can ingest can cause gas, which can include prescription medications, nutritional supplements, chew toys, treats, etc. If you think that a medication or nutritional supplement is causing your pet to be gassy, ask the veterinarian if there are any other options available to you.

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