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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family Part 2

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family Part 2

Are you in the process of looking for a dog to adopt in your family?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. As your go-to veterinarian in Levittown, we are dedicated to caring for your pet and keeping them healthy. A big part of ensuring that your dog is leading the happiest and healthiest possible life is making sure that you adopted the right dog in the first place. In our last blog, we went over a couple of things to consider when adopting the right dog for your family. Keep reading to learn more.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a dog for your family is age. Here’s what to consider when adopting dogs of different age groups:

  • Puppies – There’s nothing cuter than a puppy, but with all of that cuteness also comes a whole lot of work. Out of all of the age groups, puppies require the most time, energy and attention. Housebreaking a puppy can take months, and there will probably be a few accidents in your home along the way. If you’re planning on getting a puppy, make sure that you have someone to watch them while you’re at work during the day, and that you are ready to take them out frequently through the night. You should also be prepared for frequent veterinary visits and training classes.
  • Adult Dogs – For the most part, adult dogs are an excellent choice if you’re looking for companionship without all of the extra time it takes to housebreak and train them. However, just because you’re adopting an adult dog doesn’t necessarily mean they will be trained, but most are, at least to some degree. Adult dogs already have established temperaments, attitudes and energy levels, allowing you to know exactly what kind of dog you’re adopting.
  • Senior Dogs – Senior dogs are the least likely to be adopted, because they’re more likely to develop health problems and require special attention. However, senior dogs also have a lot of love to give, and it can be incredibly rewarding to adopt one into your family. But, it’s important to ensure that you are able to take on the responsibilities of having a senior dog.


Grooming Needs

Some dogs will require more stringent and intensive grooming than others, which is why you should always do some research into grooming requirements before you decide to adopt. Dogs with short, smooth coats, for example, don’t require too much upkeep but can shed a lot, whereas dogs with long, fluffy coats will probably require regular brushing, shampooing and maybe even haircuts. In addition to the coat, you should also think about the ear type. Dogs with floppy ears tend to be prone to ear infections, and you should be ready to clean out their ears regularly.

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When you find the right dog, make sure you bring them to the right veterinarian!

Finding the right dog is just the first step; you also have to make sure that you find the right veterinarian! Luckily, here in Levittown, you have East Meadow Veterinary Center on your side, and we always make it a point to treat your dog like family.

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