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Why Walking Your Dog is Essential Part 2

There are many ways you could exercise your dog, but walking is essential.

You may think that your dog is getting enough exercise because you have a big yard and you play fetch with them, but walks are still important. In our previous blog, our veterinarian in North Bellmore went over a few reasons why you should make walks a regular priority. Here are a few more reasons to walk your furry friend on a regular basis:

#4. Exploration

Roaming and exploring are natural instincts for dogs, and in the wild, dogs walk miles in search of food and water. Even though your dog is not a wild dog, they still share the same instincts, and dogs simply weren’t intended to sit and sleep all day. Walking gives your dog a sense of direction and purpose, which we all need, even us humans!

#5. Training

Training your dog at home is different than training your dog out in the real world. When you are on a walk, there are distractions coming from every direction, and by teaching your dog to truly listen to you through the distractions, you’ll establish yourself as the pack leader.

#6. Bond

Wild dogs travel in packs, and when they travel, they strengthen their bond. The same thing goes when you are walking your dog. When you train your dog to walk properly, you are also reinforcing your bond and establishing trust. Additionally, if you have multiple dogs, walking them together can help them to bond as well.

There are still a few more reasons why walking is essential. Stay tuned for our next blog!

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