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Why Do Dogs Dig Through the Trash?

Have you ever come home to find trash slung all over your floor?

If so, you’re not alone. Many dog owners face this very issue, and it is actually quite common. While this behavior may just seem annoying, you need to understand how dangerous and risky this behavior actually is. There are many people foods that are toxic for dogs that could be eaten out of the trash. It is also important to note that your dog could eat other things, like bones, plastic containers, etc., that could lead to blockages in their intestines. But why do dog’s dig through the trash in the first place? Our veterinary clinic in North Bellmore is here to help.

Why do dogs dig through the trash?

One possible reason for this behavior is instinct inherited from wolves. Wolves are hunters, but they aren’t always successful. When people started to set up villages, wolves learned to scavenge through our waste for food. Another possible reason for this is purely for fun and food. The trash often contains things that are tasty for dogs to eat or fun for dogs to chew on. Digging through the trash could also be an attention-seeking behavior. Your dog knows that he or she will get a reaction out of you when they dig through the trash can.

No matter the reason, digging through the trash can be dangerous for your dog, and it’s important to learn how to stop this behavior. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn expert tips for keeping your dog out of the trash can.




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