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What to Get Your Cat for the Holidays


Don’t leave your cat off of your holiday shopping list this year!

Cats bring so much joy to our lives, and there’s no better time to thank them for all that joy than over the holidays! The holidays are a time to show your loved ones how much you care, and you shouldn’t leave your cat off of that list. At East Meadow Veterinary Center, we don’t believe you should have to settle for just any cat gift. Here is a list of some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for cats:

#1. Cat Subscription Box

Cat subscription boxes are a wonderful choice because they allow your cat to get new treats, toys and other goodies every single month! These boxes are especially beneficial if your cat is a new member of your family, because your cat will have a chance to try out many different kinds of toys and treats, and you’ll be able to figure out what they like.

#2. Heated Cat Bed

If there are two things that cats love, they have to be lounging and heat. Your cat doesn’t lay in the sun to get a tan; they lay in the sun to get warm! Your cat will love how warm and cozy their new heated cat bed is, and it may even clear some room on your own bed!

#3. Weight Control Toy

Garfield, the infamous cat that has entertained us in almost every Sunday paper for years, was known for being lazy and for a reason. Cats love nothing more than to lay around, but it’s important to encourage your cat to exercise. A weight control toy is a great option because it encourages your cat to exercise on their own, plus it provides hours of entertainment.

#4. Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is another toy that will get your cat up and moving. There’s just something about lasers that cats love, and they’ll chase that little red dot on the wall and the floors for hours on end.

#5. An Empty Box

Who says you have to spend money to find a gift that will make your cat happy? Cats have a weird affinity for boxes, and although you could spend hundreds of dollars on fancy gifts, your cat would probably rather spend time in the boxes those gifts came in than anything else!

#6. Pet Insurance

Your cat may not be able to play in, lay on or eat pet insurance, but it will ensure that they get the veterinary care they need in an emergency. Emergency veterinary care can be pricey, and pet insurance will help to cushion the blow if your cat gets injured or eats something they shouldn’t.

The holidays are coming, and although your cat may not know it, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve something special! Give your cat the gift of health and happiness by bringing them to East Meadow Veterinary Center! We serve East Meadow and the surrounding areas, including North Merrick. Schedule your appointment today, and we hope that you and your cat have a happy holiday!

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