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What Causes Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Now that summer is officially here, it’s important for dog owners to understand the causes and risk factors of heat stroke.

Regardless of what size, breed or how physically fit your dog is, he or she is at risk for heat stroke. In fact, every dog is at risk, so if you are a dog owner, it’s important to know what puts your dog at a higher risk for heat stroke and what can cause it. It’s also essential that you know how to recognize the signs of heat stroke, and you can learn about them in our North Merrick veterinary clinic’s last blog.

What causes heat stroke?

Your dog is at risk for heat stroke in any environment with excessive heat or humidity, but most cases of heat stroke happen because of careless or negligent owners. Leaving your dog in a hot car, leaving your dog outside without enough water or shade and pushing your dog beyond their limits while exercising outside could all cause heat stroke.

What increases your dog’s risk for heat stroke?

Although all dogs are at risk for heat stroke, there are some dogs that have a higher risk. If your dog:

  • Isn’t acclimated to the heat,
  • Has respiratory problems,
  • Has congenital defects,
  • Is obese or
  • Has thick fur,

He or she has a higher risk for heat stroke, and you need to be diligent about keeping them cool and comfortable during the summer.

In our next blog, we’ll be going over what to do if you think that your dog may have heat stroke, so please stay tuned.

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