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Tips for Taking an Aggressive Dog to the Vet

Tips For Taking An Aggressive Dog To The Vet

Concerned about taking your aggressive dog to the veterinarian in North Merrick?

There’s no doubt about it, it can be stressful to take an aggressive dog to the vet, but luckily, there are things that you can do to make the entire situation less stressful and more manageable. In our latest blog, we went over a couple of helpful tips for taking your dog to the vet, including having a discussion with your veterinarian beforehand and keeping yourself in check. The following is a list of a few more helpful tips for taking an aggressive dog to the vet:

#3.  Work with your dog at home.

Aggression most commonly stems from fear and anxiety, and when a vet is suddenly touching your dog where they aren’t used to being touched, like their mouth or their paws, it can send them into overdrive. Practice examining your dog at home to get them used to being handled. Massage their paws, look inside their ears, play with their mouth, etc.


#4. Brush up on the basics.

When your dog understands basic commands, like sit, stand, turn and lie down, they will require less cajoling from you or the vet. Less cajoling often means less anxiousness and aggression, so work with your dog so that he or she understands these basic commands.

Artboard 12#5. Utilize positive reinforcement.

For many dogs, positive reinforcement goes a long way. Give your dog plenty of treats, hugs and praise at the veterinary clinic, so that they will associate it with good, positive things.

We have just a couple more tips for taking your aggressive dogs to the veterinarian. Learn more when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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