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Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Holiday Tree

Keep your cat safe by keeping them out of your holiday tree. 

The holidays can be a hazardous time of the year for cats. There are trees to climb, cords to chew and decorations to swat at, but that activities can be incredibly dangerous for your cat, so how do you keep them safe over the holiday season? The good news is that our veterinary clinic in North Bellmore is here to help! The following is a list of tips for cat-proofing your holiday tree:

#1. Wrap the base of your tree in tin foil. 

Regardless of whether your tree is live or fake, it’s important to discourage your cat from climbing it. Not only could climbing the tree ruin it and make a huge mess, it can also be very dangerous for your cat. One of the best ways to discourage climbing is by wrapping the base of your tree in tinfoil. Cats hate the way that tinfoil feels, so it will help to prevent them from climbing.

#2. Purchase the right tree. 

If the tinfoil isn’t a strong enough dissuader for your cat, you may need to be very particular when you pick out your holiday tree. Try to find a tree that is full on the bottom. This will help to prevent the tree from toppling over if your cat does decide to climb it.

#3. Make your tree less accessible for your cat. 

Shelves, side tables, entertainment centers, sofas and chairs all make great launching pads for a cat who is determined to get in your holiday tree. That’s why it’s so important for you to set up your tree far away from anything that they could potentially jump off of.

Want to learn about more ways to cat-proof your holiday tree? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.

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