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Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Holiday Tree Part 3

Keep your cat safe by keeping them out of your holiday tree!

Holiday trees can be very dangerous for cats, especially if your cat loves to climb, play and chew wires. At East Meadow Veterinary Center, we are dedicated to helping your entire family (your pets included) enjoy a holiday that is both fun and safe. In the last post from our veterinary clinic in North Merrick, we went over a couple of helpful tips to keep your cat out of your holiday tree. The following is a list of our last few tips for cat-proofing your holiday tree:

#6. Decorate your tree wisely. 

Every pet owner knows that there are some decorations that are irresistible to playful cats. Baubles, edible decorations and breakable decorations should all be kept well out of reach of your cat. Reserve the bottom of your tree for decorations that are a bit more durable, or better yet, avoid hanging decorations at the bottom of your tree altogether. Regardless of where you hang your ornaments, make sure that they are properly secured to your tree.

#7. If possible, anchor your tree. 

Although we’ve already talked about investing in a sturdy tree stand and purchasing a tree that is bottom-heavy, it’s also a good idea to take it one step further and actually anchor your tree. One great way to do this is by tying a piece of fishing line to the top of the tree and then securing it to the wall or the ceiling.

#8. Be careful with what you wrap presents with. 

For many cats, the boxes under the tree are just as tempting as the tree itself. Tinsel, ribbon and yarn are all used to add style to gift boxes, but you should know that these items are very tempting for cats, and if they are able to ingest them, they can become stuck in their intestines. Either store your boxes somewhere safe until they are ready to be opened or avoid using materials that could be harmful for your cat.



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