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Tips for Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth

Veterinary Clinic North Merrick

Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If you have, then you already know why dental care is so important for your pup. However, we are fully aware that caring for your dog’s teeth is easier said than done, especially if your dog is a big older. That is why our North Merrick veterinary clinic has come up with the following list of tips for providing dental care for your dog:

  • Take it slow – When your pet isn’t used to having their teeth brushed, they aren’t likely to enjoy it very much right off the bat, and they may even resist. It’s always a good idea to start slow. Let them lick the toothpaste and smell the toothbrush. Once they are used to these items, brush gently and slowly, taking frequent breaks. Always give your pets lots of love and treats during dental care. This will help them associate dental care with something positive. 
  • Find the right tools – There are so many toothbrush options out there. You could use a toothbrush designed for dogs, a soft bristled toothbrush for kids, a finger brush or even a small square of gauze wrapped around your finger. It can also help to find a flavor of toothpaste that your dog will love, like peanut butter or chicken.
  • Supplement with chew toys and bones – Although brushing is absolutely necessary, chewing can also go a long way to keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and tartar free. Give them plenty of time to gnaw on their favorite chew toy or a bone, just ensure that you keep an eye on them to watch for choking hazards.

Want to learn how to care for your cat’s teeth? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!

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