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Tips for Caring for Your Cat’s Teeth

Veterinarian North Bellmore

In our latest blog, our North Bellmore veterinarian gave you a few tips for caring for your dog’s teeth. Dogs aren’t the only pets that require diligent dental care, and unfortunately, many cat owners hardly ever even think about their cat’s teeth. Dental care is just as important for your cat as it is for your dog, but it can sometimes be difficult to implement. That is why we have come up with the following list of tips for caring for your cat’s teeth:

  • Get regular dental checkups – Cats are no stranger to periodontal disease, and if you want to ensure that your cat’s mouth is as healthy as it can be, you need to get regular dental checkups. Even if you religiously care of your cat’s teeth, your veterinarian is a professional, and they know exactly which warning signs to watch out for.
  • Don’t forget to brush! – Although dental visits are incredibly important, there is no substitute for dental care at home. Not many people realize it, but you can brush your cat’s teeth! If your cat is giving you a hard time with the toothbrush, try wrapping your finger with gauze, dipping it in the juices from a can of tuna and gently rubbing your cat’s teeth with it. 
  • Supplement the dental care – Feed your cat hard food and give them dental treats. It is also important to note that chew toys and bones aren’t just for dogs, and they can go a long way to keeping your cat’s teeth healthy and clean.

Do you want to ensure that your cat’s teeth are healthy? If so, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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