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Tips for Bathing Your Dog

Keep your dog healthy and clean with regular baths.

Many dog owners know how important baths are for dogs, and in our last blog, we talked about how often you should bathe your dog. Although baths are important, they aren’t always easy, but luckily, our veterinary clinic in North Bellmore is here to help. The following is a list of tips from our experts for bathing your dog:

#1. Brush your dog out.

Before you even think about putting your dog in the tub, it’s important to brush them out. This will help to get rid of any mats or dead hair that is hanging around.

#2. Make your dog feel secure.

If your dog is already unsure about taking a bath, the slippery tub will only make matters worse. Place a sticky mat or a towel in the bottom of your tub before bathing your pup. This will give your dog something to grip and make them feel more comfortable.

#3. Use a hose or a pitcher.

If your shower has a sprayer or a hose, it will make bathing your dog a whole lot easier. However, if your shower doesn’t have one of these things, you can always fill up a plastic cup or pitcher and pour the water onto your dog.

#4. Use the right shampoo.

Never use people shampoo on your dog! This will only strip your dog’s skin of the natural oils it needs. With a shampoo that is made for dogs, gently massage your dog from head to tail.

#5. Rinse and towel off completely.

After you have applied the shampoo, be sure to rinse it out thoroughly. If there is excess soap in their coat, it can cause their skin to dry out. Once your dog is fully rinsed, dry him or her off with a large towel.

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