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The Health Benefits of Owning Pets Part 2



Pets help us to lead happier, healthier lives. 

Pets are truly incredible. Not only are they always there, smiling and excited, every time we walk through the door, but they make our lives better in so many different ways. In our last blog, our veterinary clinic in North Merrick went over a few of the main health benefits of owning a pet, but there is so much that we haven’t covered yet! Keep reading to learn about more of the health benefits that come from owning a pet:

#4. Pets can improve heart health.

Pets can be very calming, and studies have shown that by merely cuddling and petting your dog, it can lower both blood pressure and heart rate. Some research has even found that pet owners tend to have lower cholesterol and have a better chance of surviving a heart attack.

#5. Pets encourage activity that promotes strong bones.

Did you know that by simply walking your dog, you are promoting stronger bones? Walking the dog is a weight-bearing exercise that will strengthen the bones and the muscles that surround them, plus it also gets you outside, which will help you to soak up some Vitamin D.

#6. Pets reduce stress.

Stress has so many negative effects on our lives, and if you find yourself struggling with stress, consider getting a pet! Having a pet around helps to ease anxiety and stress in many ways. They distract us from our stress, and both movement and touch have been proven de-stressors, which makes cuddling your pet even better!

The Health Benefits of Owning Pets Part 2

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