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Signs That Your Cat Needs to See the Vet Part 2

We all want the best for our cats, but it can be difficult to know when your cat needs to go to the veterinary clinic in Levittown. 

We all want our cats to be as healthy and happy as possible, but how do you know if your cat needs to go to the vet? In our last blog, we talked about how getting to know your cat’s habits, personality and routine can help you to be aware of changes, and we also went over several signs that your cat needs to see the vet. Here are a few more signs that your cat needs to visit the vet:

#3. Change in your cat’s gait. 

Most cats walk purposefully, and their steps are carefully measured. Watch your cat closely so that you can learn what his or her normal gait looks like. If you notice a change in the way your cat is walking or moving, it could be a sign of arthritis or injury, so you should schedule an appointment with your vet.

#4. Change in activity. 

Although it’s normal for cats to become less active as they get older, if you notice sudden changes in your cat’s activity levels, it could be a sign of depression, lethargy or injury. If your once active cat suddenly doesn’t want to get up and play, contact your vet!

Although we’ve already mentioned several signs that your cat needs to see the vet, we have just a few more for you. Please stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.

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