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Popular Myths and Misconceptions About Cats



Cats are one of the most misunderstood domesticated animals. 

Cats are mysterious animals. Their independence and free-spirited nature has led to many myths and misconceptions over the years. Many people, even cat owners and cat lovers, believe common myths and misconceptions about cats. Luckily you for, East Meadow Veterinary Center is here to set the record straight! The following is a list from veterinarian in North Bellmore of the truth about popular myths and misconceptions about cats:

Myth #1. Cats like to be left alone. 

Cats are very independent, but that doesn’t mean that they are solitary animals. In fact, if you leave your cat alone for too long, the separation can be incredibly stressful for them. Cats get separation anxiety, just like dogs, but the symptoms present themselves a bit differently. Separation anxiety in cats often manifests itself in behaviors, such as defecation or urination outside of the litter box, vomiting, vocalization, lack of appetite, excessive grooming, an excited greeting when you come home and anxiety when you depart.

Myth #2. Cats that scratch are mean.

That fact of the matter is that cats scratch for a variety of reasons. Some cats scratch while playing, some scratch to let you know that they are uncomfortable. If you find that your otherwise sweet cat is scratching you more often, it could be a sign of an underlying medical issue that is causing them pain.

Myth #3. Declawing and trimming nails are the same thing.

Declawing isn’t the same thing as trimming at all. It is a surgical procedure that involves amputating the first joint of each of the cat’s toes.

Learn about more popular myths and misconceptions about cats when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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