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Nail Trimming Tips for Dogs


Trimming your dog’s nails is important for many reasons, but it’s not always the easiest task.

Have you had a chance to read our last blog? If you have, then you already know why trimming your dog’s nails is essential. Although many dog owners are aware of how important nail trimming is, this task isn’t always easy, and it can make even the most experienced dog owners nervous. Luckily, you always have the option to take your pup to our veterinary clinic in North Merrick for nail trimmings. Here are a few tips to make trimming your dog’s nails easier if you decide to do so on your own:

#1. Find the right tool for the job.

There are basically two kinds of nail trimmers: guillotine and scissors. Both can get the job done efficiently and effectively, you just have to figure out what works best for you and your pup. If your dog has had previous negative experience with a specific type of clipper, start fresh with a new one.

#2. Give your dog’s paws lots of love and attention.

Some dogs simply aren’t comfortable with having their paws messed with, and this can make the whole trimming process much more difficult. Try casually massaging and playing with your dog’s paws so that they get used to it.

#3. Keep plenty of treats on hand.

Helping your dog associate nail trimming with something positive, like treats, can take the stress out of the equation for both you and your dog. Whether you are playing with your dog’s paws or clipping their nails, give them plenty of treats throughout the process.

Do you have questions or concerns about trimming your dog’s nails? If so, contact us today. We are always happy to help.

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