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Most Common Mistakes Made By Dog Owners


Owning a dog isn’t always easy.

Dogs are incredible creatures. They are loyal, cheerful and full of love, but as a dog owner, it’s your job to know and do what’s best for your furry friend, and that isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, many dog owners make mistakes with their four legged companions that can end up hurting them. At East Meadow Veterinary Center, our goal is to help you care for your dog and keep them healthy, and that’s why our veterinarian in North Bellmore has come up with this list of the most common mistakes made by dog owners:

Mistake #1. Feeding your dog too much.

Many dogs love to eat, and they will gladly eat whatever you give them. For many owners, it’s difficult to say no to those begging eyes, and that is probably why there are so many obese dogs out there. You may be overfeeding your dog to show them how much you love them, but you could be putting them at a higher risk for diabetes, heart issues and many other ailments.

Mistake #2. Not training your dog or training them badly.

If you aren’t planning on entering your dog in any dog shows or competitions, you may not think that training is necessary, but it’s actually incredibly important. Dogs need structure in their lives in order to be truly happy, and if your dog doesn’t have any discipline or training in their life, your dog will most likely be uncertain and confused.

Would you like to learn about more common mistakes that dog owners make? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.

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