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Most Common Mistakes Made By Dog Owners Part 2


Many well-meaning dog owners make mistakes that can harm their furry friends.

Most dog owners only want the best for their dogs, but in their attempt to give their dogs the best, they often end up making mistakes that can be harmful for their dogs. If you haven’t already, check out our last blog to learn about the common mistakes made by dog owners that our veterinary clinic in North Merrick has already gone over, and keep reading to learn more:

Mistake #5. Failing to socialize your dog.

The world can be an incredibly scary place, especially for a dog who isn’t familiar with it. Socializing your dog doesn’t have to mean taking them to the dog park, but it does mean introducing them to the world around them. When you familiarize your dog with their surroundings, it helps them to feel calmer and more comfortable when they are not at home.

Mistake #6. Only taking your dog to the vet when they are sick.

Many dog owners think that there is no reason to take their dog to the vet unless they are sick, but it’s important to schedule regular visits with the vet. Regular visits ensure that your dog gets their heartworm medication and vaccines, and they may also alert you to small issues before they can turn into serious problems.

Mistake #7. Not exercising your dog.

The fact of the matter is that dogs need exercise. Not only is exercise important for your dog’s physical health, it’s also important for their mental health. If your dog is cooped up inside all day long, they are likely to get bored and go stir crazy, which can lead to destructive behavior.

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