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Mistakes That Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life Part 2

Mistakes That Are Shortening Your Dog's Life Part 2

Did you know that, as a dog owner, the mistakes you make could shorten your dog’s lifespan?

As your dog’s owner and caregiver, you are responsible for providing the care that your dog needs to be happy and healthy. Since your dog can’t tell you when they are sick, hungry or just in need of a walk, it can be difficult to provide your dog with exactly what they need. Unfortunately, you are also human, and therefore susceptible to making mistakes. Sadly, the mistakes you make while caring for your dog could end up shortening their lifespan. At East Meadow Veterinary Center, we know that, without the right information about how to care for your dog, mistakes are bound to happen. That’s why, in our last blog, our veterinarian went over a few common mistakes that could shorten your dog’s life. Here are a few more:

Mistake #6. You didn’t spay or neuter your dog.

While skipping spaying or neutering may help you breed your dog, it can also put their health at risk. Every time your female dog goes through a heat cycle, her risk for developing mammary cancer increases, and males who have not been neutered have a much greater risk of developing testicular cancer and prostatic diseases. In addition to helping to prevent cancers and other diseases, spaying or neutering your dog could also help to curb some behavioral issues.

Mistake #7. Your dog hasn’t been socialized.

Socializing your dog at an early age is important for their quality of life. Dogs who aren’t socialized tend to develop anxiety and other fear-related problems; they can even develop dermatological problems as well. Because of the fear and anxiety, dogs who aren’t socialized don’t typically enjoy walks and other activities outside the home as much as dogs who are socialized do, limiting the amount of exercise and mental stimulation they get.


Mistake #8. You smoke around your dog.

By now, it’s common knowledge that second-hand smoke can be dangerous for people, but did you know that it can also be dangerous for your dog? Exposure to second-hand smoke puts dogs at risk for developing respiratory problems, as well as some cancers. If you smoke, it’s important not to do it around your dog.

Artboard 2Mistake #9. You give your dog table scraps.

There are so many reasons to avoid giving your dog table scraps! People food often contains a lot more fat and sugar than dog food, and giving your dog fatty scraps of people food can lead to pancreatitis, not to mention weight gain that can put your dog’s health at risk. There are also a number of human foods that are toxic to dogs, including mushrooms, onions, chocolate, grapes and garlic.

Mistake #10. You don’t consider your dog’s breed.

While dogs of every breed are loveable, some breeds cannot withstand the same kind of exercise as other breeds, and different breeds often have different exercise needs. For example, if your dog is an English Bulldog, Boxer or Pekingese, pushing them too hard in extreme heat could put them in a life threatening situation.

Get the information and the care you need to help your dog life a long, happy life with East Meadow Veterinary Center. Although we are located in East Meadow, we serve South Bellmore and the surrounding areas. Schedule your appointment today.

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