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Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween Part 2


Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween Part 2dreamstime_xxl_21306001



Get the most out of Halloween by keeping your pet happy and safe.

With Halloween only a day away, many people are scrambling to find costumes, buying last-minute Halloween candy and putting the final touches on their jack-o-lanterns. Unfortunately, with all of the excitement, we often forget how dangerous Halloween can be for our pets. That’s why, in our last post, our veterinary clinic in North Merrick went over a couple of Halloween safety tips for your pet. Keep reading to learn more:

Artboard 8#3. Halloween Costumes

While some pets may love to wear Halloween costumes, others can feel uncomfortable or frightened in their costume (or any clothing for that matter). If your pet doesn’t like to wear a costume, don’t try to force him or her to wear one. Instead, choose a cute bandana or a new collar, if you insist on getting them in the spirit. If your pet doesn’t mind wearing a costume, make sure it fits properly and has no loose pieces that could be ingested. Never leave your pet alone when they have a costume on!

#4. Trick-or-Treaters and Guests

Even if your pet loves other people, keep them somewhere safe and quiet while the Halloween festivities are in full swing. When people are dressed in costumes, it can frighten pets, and some may even exhibit aggressive behaviors due to their nervousness or agitation. Keeping your pets away from all of the excitement also minimizes the risk that they could get out while you are greeting guests or trick-or-treaters.

#5. Other Possible Dangers

Unfortunately, pets are commonly stolen around Halloween, and this is especially true for black cats. Don’t leave your pets unsupervised outside around Halloween.

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