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Is Your Cat Overweight?

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Obesity in cats is far too common.

We are all too familiar with overweight cats because they are so common. Indoor cats spend most of their days sleeping, which makes it difficult for them to get the exercise they need to work off those extra calories. Unfortunately, not all owners even realize that their pet is overweight, so many of them don’t know that they need to make a change. That’s why our veterinarian in North Bellmore has come up with the following guide on how to tell if your cat is overweight:

Is your cat overweight?

There are three simple tests that you can use to determine if your cat is overweight:

  1. Overhead Check – Look down at your cat from overhead and look to see if you have a clear view of their waist behind their ribs. If you can’t see their waistline, your cat is probably overweight. 
  2. Profile Check – Make yourself level with your cat, and take a look at their profile. Their abdomen should be tucked up behind their rib cage. If it is hanging below, your cat is probably overweight.
  3. Rib Check – Wrap your hands around your cat’s ribcage with your thumbs at their spine. If your cat is a healthy weight, you should be able to feel their ribs. This test is important for fluffy cats, as you can’t always tell if a cat is overweight with a visual test alone.

If you have found that your cat is overweight, you need to take steps to help them lose weight. Learn how to help your cat lose wight in a healthy way when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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