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How to Protect Your Pet from Summer Pests Part 3

There are many pests that could sting or bite your pet this summer.

There is a definite upswing in insect activity during the summer months, and those insects don’t just affect people, they can affect our furry companions too! Some of these pests can even spread disease, so it’s important to protect your pet this summer. Check out our North Bellmore veterinary clinic’s last blog to learn how to protect your pet against fleas, bees and wasps, and keep reading to learn how to keep your companions safe from other summer pests:


Some dogs just can’t help digging up ant hills, but this will almost certainly lead to painful bites. While there’s not much you can do to prevent ant bites, you can take steps to eradicate the ants in your yard or home. Be on the lookout for ant hills in your yard, and don’t hesitate to call your local pest control company is necessary. It’s important to avoid leaving your pet’s food out, as this will only attract more ants.


Luckily, flies don’t present any real danger to your pets, but they can be incredibly irritating. Flies tend to buzz around dogs’ ears, and they can even bite them! To protect your pet from flies, invest in a fly repellent spray. You should also make it a point to keep the dog poop picked up in your yard, because it will attract flies just as much as your dog’s food will.

If your pet develops a respiratory or allergic reaction to a bite or sting, make sure that you visit your local veterinary clinic right away!

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