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How to Handle Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Does your dog have separation anxiety? Separation anxiety can be distressing to both dogs and their owners. You don’t want to your dog to be anxious and uncomfortable, and you certainly don’t want to come home to destruction, but you can’t stay home all the time so what do you do? In our last blog, our veterinarian in North Bellmore went over a couple of tips for dealing with separation anxiety. The following is a list of a few more things that you can try:

  • Don’t acknowledge your dog when you leave or come home – If you make it a big deal when you come home or leave for the day, your dog will too! That is why you should try not to talk to your dog or look at your dog when you leave or come home. We understand that this tactic can be a challenge, so if you must say goodbye to your pup, do it long before you leave. This will allow you to show your dog affection, without it being associated with you leaving for the day.
  • Take it slow – Practice makes perfect, so it is a good idea to have small practice runs of absence before leaving your dog home alone for a full day. Start out by leaving for five minutes, and as your dog adjusts, extend that time.
  • Make your home a safe place – You want to make your home as safe and as comforting as possible for your dog, so that, while you are gone, your dog can still feel secure. Make sure they have plenty of water, a comfortable place to rest and toys to keep them entertained while you are away.

If you’ve tried everything, and your dog is still anxious when you are away for the day, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to help.

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