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How to Ease Your Dog Back into Your Fall Routine Part 2


Getting back into the back to school routine isn’t only difficult for your kids, it can be hard on your dog too!

Most dogs can’t get enough of people, and they thrive when they are around the people they love the most. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so difficult for many dogs when their owners start to get busy in the fall. In our last blog, our veterinary clinic in North Bellmore went over a couple of helpful tips to ease your dog back into your fall routine. The following is a list of our last couple of tips:

#3. Don’t get too busy to give your dog the attention he or she needs. 

With school, after school activities and sports, the fall can get pretty busy for many families. However, you should never let your schedule get so busy that you no longer have time to spend with your dog. As we previously mentioned, dogs love being around people, and many get depressed and anxious when they are alone for too long. Make time to go on walks and spend quality time with your fuzzy friend so that they get the exercise and attention that they need.

#4. Consider getting a product to help calm your dog’s anxiety. 

If your dog’s anxiety issues are more severe, you may need to look into some other options. Before you turn to anxiety medications for your dog, think about trying some of the other nonprescription options out there, one of which is a Thundershirt. Thundershirts put constant, gentle pressure on a dog’s chest to help them calm down, and they work well for dogs that have separation anxiety, thunder phobia and vet anxiety.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s separation anxiety? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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