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Do Cats Need Exercise?

Many people don’t believe that they need to exercise their cats, but this is a dangerous misconception.

The first thing every cat owner needs to understand is that cats do need exercise, and the idea that indoor cats will somehow get it on their own is simply a myth. While it’s true that kittens constantly play and exert energy, the same cannot be said for older cats. If an adult cat is a part of your family, you may need to encourage them to get the exercise they need. In our next blog, our veterinary clinic in North Merrick will go over a few tips on exercising your cat, but before we do so, it’s important that you understand why exercise is essential for your cat.

Why exercise is important for cats.

Today, more cats are dealing with weight issues than ever before. Although exercise, or a lack thereof, isn’t the only reason why cat obesity is on the rise, it certainly plays a major role. One study compared indoor cats to their outdoor counterparts and found that outdoor cats get a lot more exercise and are less likely to be overweight. Being outside gives your cat the opportunity to play, run, jump and climb, and they may not have those opportunities, or the motivation to take advantage of them, inside. However, exercise is a key part of weight control, reducing joint pain and maintaining optimal health, so even if you have an indoor cat, it’s important to make regular exercise a priority.

Now that you know that cats do, in fact, need exercise and why it’s important, it’s time to learn how to encourage your cat to get moving! Please stay tuned for our next blog.

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