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Common Mistakes New Cat Owners Make

Are you thinking about adopting your first cat?

Adopting your first cat isn’t like buying a goldfish or a hamster, it is a big responsibility. Unfortunately, not all potential cat owners understand how big of a responsibility a cat actually is, which leads them to make many common mistakes. At East Meadow Veterinary Center, we are dedicated to helping you to be the best pet parent you can be, and that is why our veterinarian in North Merrick has come up with the following list of common mistakes new cat owners make:

#1. Impulsively adopting a cat. 

While it’s okay to impulse buy many things, a pet of any kind should never be one of them. Cats are sentient creatures with their own needs, wants and behaviors, and it is essential that you understand what those are before you decide to adopt a cat.

#2. Not understanding the cost of care.

You are responsible for your cat’s well-being, and it is completely up to you to care for all of their basic needs. In order to properly care for your cat, you need to understand the kind of financial investment you are making. Not only will you have to pay for food, kitty litter and toys, you will also need to make sure you are prepared to pay for medical care, as well as any emergencies that may pop up in the future.

#3. Neglecting the cat’s veterinary care.

The first thing you should do after adopting a cat is to take him or her to your veterinarian. In order to properly care for your cat, they will need veterinary treatments, like vaccines, examinations, etc. Don’t make the mistake of delaying the veterinary care your cat needs.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more common mistakes new cat owners make.

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