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Common Litter Box Mistakes to Avoid

Having a difficult time getting your cat to use his or her litter box?

Although a cat that refuses to use a litter box may need to visit our veterinarian in North Bellmore, the problem may not be medical, and there could be a much easier solutios. Cats can be particular, and they won’t always go in a litter box that isn’t properly maintained. Often times, common litter box mistakes could result in a cat that refuses to relieve themselves in a litter box. Avoid these common litter box mistakes cat owners make:

Mistake #1. Using the wrong kind of litter. 

Some cats can be picky about the kind of litter you use. For example, a strong fragrance may make the litter box smell more pleasant to you, but your cat may be sensitive to the perfume or fragrance that has been added. Some cats may also have specific preferences regarding the texture of the litter as well.

Mistake #2. Not cleaning the litter box regularly enough. 

There’s not doubt about it, cats are known to be fastidious animals. Most cats will only grudgingly use a soiled litter box while others may refuse to use a soiled litter box completely. For most cats, you should scoop the litter box on a daily basis and clean the entire thing every week. However, if your cat is a bit pickier about their litter box, you may need to clean it more often to keep them happy.

Would you like to learn about more common litter box mistakes to avoid? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.

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