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Common Litter Box Mistakes to Avoid Part 2

If you are having trouble with getting your cat to use their litter box, you may be making a common litter box mistake. 

Cats are the royalty of the animal world, and as such, they can be both stubborn and picky. Unfortunately, there are many litter box mistakes that cat owners make that can make picky cats tempted to do their business around the house or the yard instead of their box. That’s why our last post was all about the first couple of common litter box mistakes cat owners make. The following is a list from our veterinary clinic in Levittown of a few more litter box mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #3. Putting the litter box in the wrong place.

Cats, just like people, require privacy when they relieve themselves. Place your cat’s litter box somewhere quiet, private and away from any other household pets or children. It’s also a good idea to keep the litter box away from any loud appliances that could scare your cat off. The litter box should also be easy for your cat to access.

Mistake #4. Using the wrong kind of litter box. 

Your cat needs plenty of space to do his or her business, so don’t choose a litter box that is too small. Although hoods can provide privacy for your cat, they can also trap in odor or scare your cat, which may cause them to find another place in your home to do their business.

Mistake #5. Having too few litter boxes. 

If you have multiple cats in your home, you need a litter box for each cat. Cats don’t usually like to share litter boxes, so it’s important to give everyone the appropriate space.


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