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Cold Weather Weight Management Tips for Your Dog


As the weather starts to cool down, we find more excuses to stay indoors. 

That’s why, in the fall and winter, many people start gaining weight. However, people aren’t the only ones subject to extra cold-weather weight, dogs are too. Dogs who are overweight have a higher risk for developing joint problems, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancer and even a shortened life expectancy. Keep your dog fit and healthy during the fall and winter with these cold weather weight management tips from our veterinary clinic in Levittown:

#1. Be mindful about what you feed your dog. 

With the holidays coming, your dog is likely to have a whole array of tasty table scraps at his or her disposal, but you should avoid giving your dog people food. Table scraps will not only make your dog gain more weight but if you aren’t careful, you may end up giving them a food that is toxic to dogs. Check out our previous blog to learn about some surprising foods that are toxic for pets. Do your research about pet food, and only feed your dog high-quality foods. Cut your dog’s treats into small pieces so that you don’t accidentally give them too much.

#2. Encourage your dog to get moving!

Yes, it’s getting colder, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to hide indoors. Your dog needs exercise and so do you, so bundle up and go for a walk with your pup. If you don’t feel up to walking or jogging with your dog, take them to a dog park (if they are friendly and like other dogs) to allow them to get their energy out with other dogs. You could even take short and frequent outdoor breaks to play fetch or chase your dog around your background, anything to get them moving.


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