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Are Treats Good for Your Dog?


Do you give your dog treats?

If so, you’re not the only one. Many dog owners provide their furry friends with regular treats. Although your dog doesn’t necessarily need treats, all pet owners want to gives their dogs a good reward every once in a while. Also, treats are incredibly helpful when training your dog. However it is important to know that many dog treats aren’t healthy, and these unhealthy treats have led to a growing number of obese and overweight dogs. While it’s okay to give your dog a treat every once in a while, it’s important that you don’t make them a regular part of your dog’s diet, and you also need to make sure that they are healthy.

How do you know if the treat is healthy?

There are a few things to look for to help you determine if the treat is healthy or not:

  • Ingredients – Ingredients are listed in the order of prevalence. If the ingredient is listed at the top, it is the most prevalent ingredient. Therefore, if you are buying meaty treats for your dog, look for meat at the top of the ingredient list. 
  • Calorie Count – It’s important to look for the calories of each individual treat. If you like to give your dog lots of treats, make sure you pick a low-calorie option.
  • FDA or COHC Approval – Make sure that the treats you choose have the approval of the FDA. If you are purchasing a dental treat, look for COHC approval.

Although there are some healthier prepacked treats out there, there are many other healthy treats that you can give your dog. Stay tuned for our Levittown veterinarian’s next blog to learn more.

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