The East Meadow Veterinary Center, the most recent edition to our practice group, can trace its roots back to Bayside circa 1939. That year saw the opening of the North Shore Animal Hospital, by my grandfather, Dr. Robert Ferber, shortly after his graduation from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. The practice was one of only a few companion animal hospitals in the area of northeastern Queens. After only a few years in operation “Dr. Robert” had to close the doors temporarily in order to serve in the Army Veterinary Corps during the Second World War. After his discharge, he and his brother Dr. Leonard, also a Cornell graduate and service veteran, re-opened the practice at a new location in Bayside. In 1970 after graduation from Cornell, Dr. Alan Ferber joined in the family practice and served as its director until his retirement in 2003. In 1996 Dr. Michael Ferber, also a Cornell graduate, continued the tradition at the North Shore Animal Hospital. In 1999 Dr. Robert Foley, a close friend of Dr. Michael’s from their undergraduate and veterinary college days, joined the practice. Dr. Ronald Rosen is the current director of the North Shore Animal Hospital.

Being Long Island natives, my wife and I wished to move back and raise our daughters here. Several years after making the move back Nassau county, I made the decision to open an office close to home.

This is a picture of the building that originally housed the North Shore Animal Hospital. My grandfather (Dr. Robert – aka Gramps) found this photo mounted on a piece of cardboard in the building when he was working. He kept it all these years, and now its home is with us at the East Meadow Veterinary Center. The building still stands on Northern Blvd in Bayside, although the dairy farms across the street are, unfortunately, long gone. I love these pictures because it is in these buildings where my grandfather practiced with a philosophy that he passed down to my father, who in turn, gave it to me.

Dr. Robert Ferber shown here during the construction of the North Shore Animal Hospital. The hospital remained in this location until 2011. Off to the side where you can’t see him, a little Alan Ferber – future veterinarian – is playing in the construction site.


  • 1948 – The year of 1948 saw many changes as the hospital moved to its present location and Dr. Robert’s younger brother Leonard joined the practice after his service in both the Army and the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
  • 1970 – In 1970, after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell, Dr. Robert’s son, Dr. Alan Ferber joined the practice. After Dr. Robert’s retirement, in the mid 1980’s, Dr. Alan ran the practice until his retirement in 2004.
  • 1980 – In 1980, Dr. Ronald Rosen joined the team at the North Shore Animal Hospital and is currently the senior partner. His interests include internal medicine, particularly feline medicine, co-authoring the book ‘So You Think You Know About Cats’. In addition, Dr. Rosen offers treatment in complimentary and alternative medicine.
  • 1996 – In 1996, Dr. Michael Ferber graduated from the same prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell as his father, grandfather, and uncle. Dr. Michael’s primary interests include reconstructive surgery of the canine knee and ear.
  • 1999 – Dr. Robert Foley joined the practice in 1999 and is the director of our sister facility, the South Bellmore Veterinary Group. His primary interests are internal medicine, dermatology and soft-tissue surgery.
  • 2002 – In 2002 the partners of The North Shore Animal Hospital proudly opened up The South Bellmore Veterinary Group in Bellmore, NY. They are determined to bring their 65 year standard of excellence to the south shore of Long Island.
  • 2010 – Dr. Ferber and Foley open the East Meadow Veterinary Clinic.