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Is Your Cat Stressed? Part 2

is your cat stressed part 2

Believe it or not, cats can get stressed out just like people can. Many people think of stress as something only people deal with, but in reality, our pets can also get stressed too, particularly our cats . The first step to helping to ease your cat’s stress is recognizing that it exists in the… read more

Is Your Cat Stressed?

is your cat stressed

Cats are fairly mysterious creatures, and it’s not always easy to tell when they are stressed. When most people think about stress, they think about deadlines at work or utility bills that are past due. What most people don’t realize is that our cats can get stressed too, and just as chronic stress is bad… read more

Your Guide to Ear Infections in Dogs Part 2

Your Guide to Ear Infections in Dogs Part 2

With roughly one in five dogs suffering from ear infections, it’s important for dog owners to know a little bit about them. There are approximately 78 million dogs living with families in the United States, and almost 20 percent of them have to cope with painful, itchy and downright uncomfortable ear infections. We all love… read more

Your Guide to Ear Infections in Dogs

Your Guide to Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are all too common in dogs. Did you know that one in five dogs suffers from ear infections? That means that 20 percent of dogs deal with itchy, painful and downright uncomfortable ears. Because ear infections are so common in dogs, it’s important that dog owners know how to treat them, what causes… read more

Tips for Giving Oral Medication to Your Pet

Tips for Giving Oral Medication to Your Pet

It’s not always easy to get your pet to cooperate when giving them oral medication. Just as people occasionally need to take oral medication to fight off infection, treat sickness or prevent disease, pets also need oral medication from time to time. Regardless of the reason why you are giving your pet medication, the process… read more

Mistakes That Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life Part 2

Mistakes That Are Shortening Your Dog's Life Part 2

Did you know that, as a dog owner, the mistakes you make could shorten your dog’s lifespan? As your dog’s owner and caregiver, you are responsible for providing the care that your dog needs to be happy and healthy. Since your dog can’t tell you when they are sick, hungry or just in need of… read more

Mistakes That Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Mistakes That Are Shortening Your Dog's Life

We all want our furry companions to live as long as possible, but some mistakes could be shortening your dog’s life. Your dog enriches your life in a multitude of ways, from cuddles that cure even the worst days to playtimes that have you laughing for hours. The last thing any dog owners wants is… read more

Your Guide to Allergies in Pets


Did you know that pets can get allergies too? Now that spring is finally here, do you find yourself reaching for the allergy medicine to fend off the sneezing and itching? Just as people can suffer from allergies, so can our four-legged pals, and as a pet owner, it’s important to help your pet find… read more

How to Discourage Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture

    Scratching is a normal behavior for cats, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live with scratched up furniture! Have you had a chance to read our North Bellmore veterinary clinic’s latest blog yet? If so, then you already know why scratching is so important for cats. Cats need to scratch for… read more

Why Do Cats Scratch?

  Cats scratch for many reasons.  Scratching may not be your favorite behavior that your cat exhibits, but you should know that it is a perfectly normal behavior. Unfortunately, some cats tend to scratch everything, which can leave you with ruined furniture. Before our veterinarian in North Merrick goes over strategies to help you discourage… read more